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On The Spot – Jungle Money 2

01) Opening (0:55)
02) Attention (4:01)
03) Breathing (4:02)
04) Wakefull (8:35)
05) Textures (5:00)
06) Combustion (4:15)
07) Sayings ( 6:04)
08) Distillation (3:08)
09) Crossounds (5:34)

Total time : 42:26

Olufsen Records DOCD 5988

Jan Kaspersen, piano and prepared piano
Peter Friis Nielsen, electric bass and prepared bass
Claus Bøje, drums

All music composed by Jan Kaspersen, Peter Friis Nielsen & Claus Bøje

Recorded on the 10th of December 2018 in Copenhagen in Soundscape Studio by Louise Nipper


01) Parade in Progress (3:24)
02) Message for Tchicai (5:14)
03) Rhino (4:27)
04) Sun Ra by Sunrise (6:12)
05) Catch me if you can (4:28)
06) Top Pot (6:23)
07) Le Cric Crac (5:30)
08) Spooky House (9:13)
09) Don´t let the snake charm you (3:09)

Olufsen Records DOCD 5978

Simon Spang-Hanssen, sopran- and altsax
Jakob Dinesen, tenorsax
Fredrik Lundin, mezzosopran- and baritonsax
Peter Danstrup, electric bass
Nils Bo Davidsen, electric bass
Ole Rømer, drums
Anders Provis, drums
Jan Kaspersen, fender rhodes and yamaha keyboard

All music composed and arranged by Jan Kaspersen

Recorded in “The Village Recording Studio “ on the 20. and 21. november
in Copenhagen by Thomas Vang


01) Villavej symfoni (4:58)
02) Så mange muligheder ( 2:15)
03) Baggårds session (5:37)
04) Ventilation
05) Telefoni

FIOL SESSIONS master series fiol 201

Claus Høxbroe, spoken words
Jan Kaspersen, keyboards

Recorded live on location Fiol Optik Frederiksberg, Copenhagen
on November 1st 2015 by Thomas Vang (Village Recording)

Jungle Money

01Our Jungle7:08
02Plutonian Horn6:30
03Hungry for Meat4:50
04Jungle Money9:05
05Space Intermezzo2:55
06Poco Lamentoso6:43
07Switch Blade, Gong and Bells4:40
08Prelude and Flight in D8:22

Total Time 50:10

All music composed and arranged by Jan Kaspersen, Peter Friis Nielsen and Claus Bøje
Recorded on the 13th of May 2013 in Copenhagen

Jan Kaspersen , Fender Rhodes piano, Yamaha PSR-78
Peter Friis Nielsen, electric bass
Claus Bøje, drums

Black Rabbit Suite

Jan Kaspersen Sextet

01Black Rabbit Blues4:14
02Music at Midnight5:38
03Easy Afternoon5:35
04Song for Silence6:19
05Night Fall9:30
06Very Slow6:05
07Rain Bird4:22
09Dr. Hypno3:58
10Joyfull Journey4:58
11It´s you – and the River4:35

Total Time 59:40

All music composed and arranged by Jan Kaspersen
Recorded on the 6th and 7th of April 2011 in Copenhagen
Studio: Sweet Silence Studio, Vibevej 7 B, DK-2450 NV, Denmark
Engineer: Flemming Rasmussen
Edition and mix: Flemming Rasmussen, Jan Kaspersen & Ole Rømer

Jan Kaspersen, piano
Christina Von Bülow, altosax and flute
Jakob Dinesen, tenorsax
Mads Hyhne, trombone
Nils Bo Davidsen, bass
Ole Rømer, drums

Jiving in Kalamazoo

Suzanne Brøgger & Jan Kaspersen

01Jiving In Kalamazoo3:15
02Can’t Buy My Song5:41
03Quizzical Eyes5:27
04H 2 O3:11
05Morning Tea3:16
08Soul Unbound3:17
09Sensitive To Green3:32
10Spending My Days6:08
11Waltz For Yannis3:27

Bang Forlag BFCD 103

Recorded on the 14th and 15th of September 2010 in Copenhagen
Studio: Sweet Siclence Studio, Vibevej 7B, DK-2450 NV, Denmark
Engineer: Flemming Rasmussen / Edition and mix: Flemming Rasmussen

Suzanne Brøgger, Vocal
Christina Von Bülow, Altosax
Jan Kaspersen, Piano
Daniel Franck, Bass
Frands Rifbjerg, Drums

Producer: Jan Kaspersen
Cover: John Ovesen
Photos: Gorm Valentin
Executive producer: Lars Bang Jensen

ISBN: 9788799187430

Happy as a Flower

Jan Kaspersen SaxChase

01Love Police6:00
03Native Jazz4:24
04Dark Horse4:31
05Happy As A Flower4:05
06Study In Green5:38
07Line For Lee3:53
08Elephant Joy Dance3:11
09Memories Of Mingus9:29

Olufsen Records DOCD 5755

Jan Kaspersen, piano
Henrik Sveidahl, soprano- & baritonsax
Simon Spang-Hanssen, flute, soprano- and tenorsax
Niels Lyhne Løkkegaard, altosax
Peter Danstrup, bass
Ole Rømer, drums

Recorded in Copenhagen on the 19th of June 2009.


CD’en indeholder 10 stykker musik skrevet og arrangeret af Kaspersen, der er indspillet og udgivet for første gang. Og med inspiration hentet fra bl.a. Konitz, Mingus, Ornette Coleman, Hermeto Pascoal, Roland Kirk, Charles Lloyd, Yusef Lateef, Monk og Ellington.

Public Piano

Jan Kaspersen (a)live and alone

01Darn That Dream (Van Heusen)4:22
02Body And Soul (Green)4:12
03Night Reflections (Kaspersen)6:30
04Bizarre Ballet (Kaspersen)6:14
05My Folish Heart (Young)4:27
06Caravan (Ellington-Tizol)7:10
07Over The Rainbow (Arlan)4:08
08Round About Midnight (Monk)7:10
09Silky Serenade (Kaspersen)4:17

Jan Kaspersen, solopiano. Rec. live at Brasserie Mundgott, Aalborg, Denmark on the 23th, 24th and 25th of August 2008. Bang Forlag BFCD 101

Blues for a hip King

Jan Kaspersen Sextet : “Blues for a hip King”
– a tribute to Abdullah Ibrahim

01Blues for a hip King (A. Ibrahim)4:42
02Saduva (african trad. / A. Ibrahim)5:10
03Salaam / Peace (A. Ibrahim)2:24
04Little Flower (J. Kaspersen)4:06
05Jabulani / Easter Joy (A. Ibrahim)6:35
06The Wedding (A. Ibrahim)3:37
07Purple Gazelle (Duke Ellington )5:14
08Flowers from Duke´s Garden (J. Kaspersen)5:57
09Tintinyana (A. Ibrahim)4:30
10Our loving family (A. Ibrahim)5:16
11Bilal (A. Ibrahim)4:17
12Mountain of the night (A. Ibrahim)4:27

Olufsen Records DOCD 5617.

Jan Kaspersen, piano
Christina von Bulow, altosax & flute
Jakob Dinesen, tenorsax
Peter Dahlgren, trombone
Nils Bo Davidsen, bass
Ole Rømer, drums

Recorded in Copenhagen on the 1st of May 2006.

Mind Pictures

Mind Pictures
Jan Kaspersen, solopiano

01Ravello before Noon5:35
02Crossroads in blue Light3:51
03Hello, Mr. James P. J1:25
04Night Reflections5:48
06Education of Beans4:47
08Snapshot from the Zoo1:18
09Train Trail4:40
10A blue Memory4:12
11CBT- blues2:44
12San Cataldo variations op. 20  no. I – X1:07
13San Cataldo variations op. 20 no. I – X0:57
14San Cataldo variations op. 20 no. I – X1:17
15San Cataldo variations op. 20 no. I – X0:44
16San Cataldo variations op. 20 no. I – X0:56
17San Cataldo variations op. 20 no. I – X0:39
18San Cataldo variations op. 20 no. I – X0:43
19San Cataldo variations op. 20 no. I – X0:55
20San Cataldo variations op. 20 no. I – X1:20
21San Cataldo variations op. 20 no. I – X0:49
22Night Reflections (reprise)3:01

Olufsen Records DOCD 5507
Jan Kaspersen, solopiano
Recorded in Copenhagen Jazzhouse
19th of september and 3rd of october 2005.

All compositions by Jan Kaspersen
copyright Xander Music / KODA 2005

Memo To The Moon

Jan Kaspersen & Special Occasion Band: Memo To The Moon

01Down, up and around5:49
02Memo to the Moon5:49
03Beet Root Serenade9:05
04Checker’s Tune5:24
05Silent Days in Opalblue9:20
06Music Tribe Call5:38
07Ama’r (theme from the movie “På Ama’r)6:07
08In the Kitchen9:39

Olufsen Records DOCD 5521

Jan Kaspersen, piano – Anders Bergcrantz, trumpet – Erling Kroner, trombone – Lis Wessberg, trombone – Simon Spang-Hanssen, sopran- & altosax – Bob Rockwell, sopran- & tenorsax – Fredrik Lundin, tenorsax – Henrik Sveidahl, tenor- & baritonsax – Aske Jacoby, el.guitar – Peter Danstrup, bass – Ole Rømer, drums – Klavs Nordsø, perc

rec.25-26/10 2001 in Cph.

All J.Kaspersen copyright Xander Music/KODA.

Jazz Talk

Jan Kaspersen Trio: Jazz Talk

01Criss Cross (T.Monk)5:50
02Red Monk (J.Kaspersen)6:15
03And now: the bass (J.Kaspersen)4:35
04Well, you needn´t (T.Monk)8:51
05Silent Days in Opal blue (J.Kaspersen)6:34
06Rag for Jelly Roll (J.Kaspersen)4:57
07Straight, no chaser (T.Monk)7:34

Olufsen Records DOCD 5440

Recorded live in Copenhagen Jazzhouse on the 23th and 24th of July 1999
Jan Kaspersen, piano – Marc Davis, bass – Ole Rømer, drums

All compositions by Kaspersen copyright Xander Music/KODA