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Jazz Talk

Jan Kaspersen Trio: Jazz Talk

01Criss Cross (T.Monk)5:50
02Red Monk (J.Kaspersen)6:15
03And now: the bass (J.Kaspersen)4:35
04Well, you needn´t (T.Monk)8:51
05Silent Days in Opal blue (J.Kaspersen)6:34
06Rag for Jelly Roll (J.Kaspersen)4:57
07Straight, no chaser (T.Monk)7:34

Olufsen Records DOCD 5440

Recorded live in Copenhagen Jazzhouse on the 23th and 24th of July 1999
Jan Kaspersen, piano – Marc Davis, bass – Ole Rømer, drums

All compositions by Kaspersen copyright Xander Music/KODA

More Ballads and Cocktails ..and the Blues

Jan Kaspersen/Bob Rockwell Duo:More Ballads and Cocktails ..and the Blues

01Body And Soul(Heyman-Sour-Eyton-Green)4:56
02One-Way Ticket,Good.bye (Kaspersen)7:23
03Bean Sprout Dance (Kaspersen)4:25
04Solitude (Elligton-De Lange-Mills)6:36
05Epistrophy (Monk-Clarke)4:56
06Easy Living (Robin-Rainger)5:53
07After You´ve Gone (Creamer-Layton)4:21
08Mood Indigo (Ellington-Bigard-Mill)7:02
09Caravan (Elligton-Tizol-Mills)7:73

Olufsen Records DOCD 5393

Bob Rockwell,tenorsaxophone – Jan Kaspersen.piano

Recorded 15 & 16/2 1999 in Copenhagen

All compositions by Kaspersen copyright Xander Music/KODA.

The Blue Munk

“Den Blå Munk”(“The Blue Monk”)

01Blue Monk1:01
02Blue Monk3:13
03I´ll Buy You Gold And Silver6:12
04Beauty With Sad Eyes5:31
05Monday Morning3:18
07Paris Up Front3:14
08Red Monk4:26
09Blue Monk (reprise)1:01

Film soundtrack Music Mecca CD 2072-2.

“Den Blå Munk” is a film written and directed by Chr.Braad Thomsen.
produced by Zentropa & Kollektiv Film.distributed by Scanbox.
Jan Kaspersen,solopiano.

rec.13-14/11 1998 in Cph.

All compositions by J.Kaspersen copyright Xander Music/KODA except “Blue Monk” by Thelonius Monk.

Music Mecca Postbox 2208,Købmagergade 26,1150 k. Kbh.K.Phone:+45 33 11 10 15, Fax: +45 33 14 75 12.

Out Of Sight

Jan Kaspersen Quintet : Out of Sight

01Silent Days In Opal Blue (Kaspersen)8:57
02Nice,Clean ,Shaved And Sober (Kaspersen)6:48
03Sophisticated Lady (Ellington)6:27
04Big Skull (Kaspersen)7:08
05Beauty With Sad Eyes (Kaspersen)7:42
06Is It True? (Kaspersen)5:00
07Out Of Sight (Kaspersen)5:32
08Yesterdays (Kern)5:32

Olufsen Records 5391.
recorded 13 & 14/1 1998 in Copenhagen

Jan Kaspersen,piano.
Finn Ziegler, electric violin
Bob Rockwell,tenorsaxophone.
Peter Danstrup,bass
Ole Rømer,drums

rec.13-14/1-1998 in Copenhagen

All Kaspersen compositions copyright Xander Music/KODA.

Katuaq Concert

Jan Kaspersen: Katuaq Concert

01Red Monk (Kaspersen)4:54
02Bizarre Ballet (Kaspersen)5:43
03Round Midnight (Monk)6:21
04Ugly Beauty (Monk)4:17
05Light Blue (Monk)4:13
06I´ll Buy You Gold And Silver (Kaspersen)5:09
07Blues For Dollar Brand (Kaspersen)6:32
08Memories Of You (Blake)5:20
09I Mean Monk (Kaspersen)5:20

Olufsen Records DOCD 5384.

Jan Kaspersen,solopiano. concert at Katuaq Cultural Centre Greenland,Nuuk.3/8-1997.

All compositions by Kaspersen copyright Xander Music/KODA.

Jan Kaspersen And The Danish Radio Jazz Orchestra

Jan Kaspersen And The Danish Radio Jazz Orchestra:Live At Copenhagen Jazzhouse

01Roll Jelly Roll6:50
02Duke Directions10:11
04Naja`s Dream7:00
05Bean Sprout Dance8:22
06Junior Minor Blues8:20
07The Rope Trick5:49
08Tempo Kam Tong7:35

Olufsen Records DOCD 5355.

Jan Kaspersen,piano.
Ole Koch Hansen,conducter.
Jan Kohlin,trp.
Benny Rosenfeldt,trp.
Palle Bolvig,trp.
Henrik Bolberg Pedersen,trp.
Lars Togeby,trp.
Vincent Nilsson,trb.
Steen Hansen,trb.
Kjeld Ipsen,trb.
Giordano Bellincampi,btrb.
Axel Windfeld,btrb & tuba
Michael Hove,as,ss & cl.
Christina von Bulow,as & ss.
Uffe Markussen,ts.
Tomas Franc,ts.
Flemming Madsen.brs & cl.
Anders “chico” Lindvall,gui.
Thomas Ovesen,b.
Jonas Johansen,dr.
Ethan Weisgaard,perc.

rec.12/10-1995 in Cph.Jazzhouse.

All music composed and arranged by J.Kaspersen copyright Xander Music/KODA.

Portrait In Space And Rhythm

Jan Kaspersen:Portrait In Space And Rhythm. Compilation 1986-96

01Chopped in the can (from Heavy Smoke)3:50
02Rag For Jelly Roll (from JK & SOB:Live in Cph.Jazzh.)4:10
03Gymnopédie No.1 (from Erik Satie:3 Gymnopédies)2:52
04Revelations Of You (from Space And Rhythm Jazz)4:52
05I Mean Monk (from Ten By Two)4:15
06In Walked Bud (from Memories Of Monk)3:40
07The Rope Trick (from JK & TDRJO:Live in Cph. Jazzh.)5:48
08Gnossiénne No.4 (from Erik Satie:3 Sarabandes)
09Easy Talk (from Special Occasion)5:25
10Monday Morning (from Ballads And Cocktails)3:47
11Brain Circus (from Joining Forces)5:04
12Previous unreleased tracks from the session released as Jan Kaspersen Quintet:Live In Sofies Cellar Vol.1.
13Half Past Now (Kaspersen)7:50
14Bizarre Ballet (Kaspersen)12:20

Olufsen Records DOCD 5356

Jan Kaspersen,piano
Anders Bergcrantz,trumpet
Bob Rockwell,saxophone
Peter Danstrup,bas
Ole Rømer,drums  

All Kaspersen compositions copyright Xander Music/KODA.

Erik Satie – 3 Sarabandes

Erik Satie – 3 Sarabandes. Classico

01Gnossienne No.4-6
02Piéces froides
03Airs à faire fuir No.1-3
04Dances de travers No.1-3
05Sports & Divertissements
06Ogive No.1-4
07Descriptions Automatiques
08Embryons Desséchés
09Avant – Dernières Penseès
10Jan Kaspersen: Tropisme No.1-3

Classcd 126

Jan Kaspersen,piano

rec.april,may & june 1995 in Cph.

Tropisme 1-3 copyright Xander Music/KODA.

Jan Kaspersen & Special

Jan Kaspersen & Special Occasion Band:Live In Copenhagen Jazzhouse

01Heavy Smoke (Kaspersen)8:45
02Rag For Jelly Roll (Kaspersen)4:10
03Toto (Kaspersen)5:35
04Ha-Ha-Happy (Kaspersen)7:05
05Couleur d`Afrique (Kaspersen)8:25
06Power Play (Kaspersen)16:10
07I Mean Monk (Kaspersen)13:00
08Upper Jaw Jive (Kaspersen)12:55
09Strange Feeling (Ellington/Strayhorn)5:22
10Read My Hips (Danstrup)5:40
11Misterioso (Monk)9:15
12Easy Talk (Kaspersen)11:15

Olufsen Records DOCD 5303/4.

Jan Kaspersen,piano
Lars Vissing,trumpet
Erling Kroner,trombone
Lis Wessberg,trombone
Simon Spang-Hanssen,altosaxophone
Bob Rockwell,sopran- & tenonorsaxophone
Fredrik Lundin,sopran- & tenorsaxophone
Henrik Sveidahl-Hansen,tenor- & baritonsaxophone
Aske Jacoby,electric guitar
Peter Danstrup,bass
Ole Rømer,drums
Jacob Andersen,perc.

rec.24/9 1994 live in Cph.Jazhouse in Cph.

All Kaspersen compositions copyright Xander Music/KODA.Read My Hips by Danstrup copyright Bassment Music/KODA.

Joining Forces

Horace Parlan-Jan Kaspersen Piano Duo:Joinin’ Forces

01Light Blue (Monk)4:58
02Brain Circus (Kaspersen)5:04
03Broken Promises (Parlan)5:02
04Jitterbug Waltz (Waller)6:41
05Couleur d`Afrique (Kaspersen)8:25
06Good-bye Pork Pie Hat (Mingus)8:02
07Let`s Call This (Monk)6:38
08One-way Ticket,Good-bye (Kaspersen)6:15
09I Let A Song Og Out Of My Heart (Ellington)5:01
10Misterioso (Monk)5:03
11Melancholia (Ellington)3:04

Olufsen Records DOCD 5184.

Jan Kaspersen & Horace Parlan,pianos

rec.19/4 1994 in Cph

Brain Circus & One-way Ticket by Kaspersen copyright Xander Music/KODA
Broken Promises by Parlan copyright Lumont Music/GEMA.

Heavy Smoke

Jan Kaspersen Quintet:Heavy Smoke

01I Mean You5:36
02Chopped In The Can (Kaspersen)3:50
03Tea For Two (Caecar-Youmans)6:53
04Heavy Smoke (Kaspersen)5:48
05Frogwise (Kaspersen)7:32
06Cross Game (Kaspersen)5:38
07Rhythm-a-ning (Monk)6:05
08Bodyshocking (Kaspersen)5:32
09A Flower Is A Lovesome Thing (Strayhorn)6:25
10Uncle D.(Kaspersen)4:55
11My Melancholy Baby (Norton-Burnett)7:15

Olufsen Records DOCD 5188.

Jan Kaspersen,piano
Anders Bergcrantz,trumpet
Bob Rockwell,tenorsaxophone
Peter Danstrup,bass
Ole Rømer,drums

rec. 20-21/12 1992 in Cph.

All Kaspersen compositions copyright Xander Music /KODA.

Ballads And Cocktails

Bob Rockwell-Jan Kaspersen Duo:Ballads And Cocktails

01Everything Happens To Me (Matt Dennis)5:33
02Beginners Blues (Kaspersen)3:47
03I´m Confessing (Neiburg-Dougherty-Renolds)4:58
04Monday Morning (Kaspersen)3:47
05Ruby,My Dear (Monk)5:44
06Strange Feeling (Ellington-Strayhorn)4:57
07Ugly Beauty (Monk)5:38
08Just A Gigolo (Leonello Casucci)2:30
09Uncle D.(Kaspersen)4:06
10Lush Life (Strayhorn)6:38
11The Sphinx Speaks (Kaspersen)3:55
12East Of The Sun (Bowman)2:50
13Sufipoint Of View (Kaspersen)5:45
14I Surrender,Dear (Clifford-Barris)4:23

Olufsen Records DOCD 5156

Jan Kaspersen,piano
Bob Rockwell,tenorsaxophone

rec.13-14-15/1 1992 in Cph.

All Kaspersen compositions copyright Xander Music/KODA.