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Special Occasion

Jan Kaspersen Trio:Special Occasion

01Special Occasion6:05
02Bird Goes Cukoo7:08
03Birthday Telegram4:30
04Guess Who?5:20
05Easy Talk5:25
06Untitled Ballad6:35
07Five Point Star5:38
08Toy Time6:17
10I´ll Buy You Gold And Silver4:17
11I Mean Monk5:07
12A-flat Root Blues5:37

Olufsen Records DOC 5095/DOCD 5111

Jan Kaspersen,piano
Peter Danstrup,electric bass
Ole Rømer,drums

rec.8-9/12 1988 in Cph.

All J.Kaspersen copyright Xander Music/KODA.

Live In Denmark

Pierre Dørge-Jan Kaspersen Duo: Live In Denmark

01Ballad Round The Left Corner (Dørge)Steeplechase Music5:05
02Hithat (Kaspersen) Xander Music/KODA3:45
03Snail Trail (Kaspersen) Xander Music/KODA8:35
04Blue Monk (Monk)6:05
05Var.Jocuri Poporale Romanesti Op.337 (Dørge/Kaspersen)5:35
06JazzGnoss nr.1 (Satie/Dørge/Kaspersen)3:35
07JazzGnoss nr.2 (Satie/Dørge/Kaspersen)1:40
08JazzGnoss nr.3 (Satie/Dørge/Kaspersen)2:45
09Collage 41 (Dørge)Open Door Music/KODA5:07
10Oda Eugenia (Dørge)Open Door Music/KODA6:10
11Prologo Marcia (Kaspersen) Xander Music/KODA0:45
12Aben Osvalds Vals (Dørge)Open Door Music/KODA1:05

Olufsen Records DOC 5077.

Jan Kaspersen,piano & piccoloflute
Pierre Dørge,guitar,spontaneous perc.& altohorn

rec. 10-11-12/9 1987 on tour in Denmark

Space And Rhythm Jazz

Jan Kaspersen Septet: Space And Rhythm Jazz

01a)Aha-thats it!3:58
02b)Revelations Of You4:52
03c)Back Again3:55
04No Blues But Blues6:18
05Ducks And Flowers3:50
07Sixteen Bars5:08
08Lonely Wolf3:25
09Silky Seranade4:55
10Dance Of The Decoy5:05
11Brain Circus5:30
12Flowers From Dukes Garden6:10
13Job Joke3:58

Olufsen Records DOC/DOCD 5060

Jan Kaspersen,piano
Anders Bergcrantz,trumpet
Simon Spang-Hanssen,sopran- & tenorsaxophone
Fredrik Lundin,sopran- & tenorsaxophone
Michael Hove,alto- & baritonsaxophone
Peter Danstrup,electric bass
Ole Rømer,drums

rec.11-12/10 1087 in Cph.

All J.Kaspersen copyright Xander Music/KODA except Lonely Wolf by
P.Danstrup copyright Bassment Music/KODA.

Ten By Two

Ten By Two

01Light Blue (Monk)4:28
02I Mean Monk (Kaspersen)4:15
03Prelude To A Kiss (Ellington)2:50
04I Let A Song Og Out Of My Heart (Ellington)2:50
05Sweet And Lovely (Tobias-Lemare)3:53
06In A Sentimental Mood (Ellington)4:15
07A Flower Is A Lovesome Thing (Strayhorn)5:14
08Bizarre Ballet (Kaspersen)3:30
09To A High Priest (Spang-Hanssen)4:33
10Smoke Gets In Your Eyes (Kern)3:26
11Come Sunday (Ellington) 4:45

Olufsen Records DOC/DOCD 5053.

Jan Kaspersen, piano
Simon Spang-Hanssen, sopran- & tenorsaxophone

rec.9-10/7 1987 in Cph.

All compositions by Kaspersen copyright Xander Music/KODA.

Memories Of Monk

Memories Of Monk

01Off Minor4:40
02Played Twice4:37
03Bemsha Swing3:30
04Ask Me Now5:30
06In Walked Bud3:40
07We See4:37
09Monks Dream4:00
10Straight,no Chaser3:10
11Off Minor (reprise)4:40

Olufsen Records DOCD 5208.

Jan Kaspersen,piano
Peter Danstrup,electric bass
Ole Rømer,drums

rec.8-9/11 1986 in Cph.

All Thelonius Monk.

Love Eyes

Love Eyes

01Piano Adventures,part 1:
02Falling Stars – Faded Flowers
05Falling Stars – Faded Flowers18:26
06Piano adventures,part 2:
07The Wanderer
09Love Eyes
11The Wanderer8:23

Olufsen Records DOC 5021.

Jan Kaspersen,solopiano

rec.20/8 1986 in Cph.

All J.Kaspersen copyright Xander Music/KODA.

ERIK SATIE:3 Gymnopedies

ERIK SATIE:3 Gymnopedies

01Gnossienne No.1-
02Prelude de la Porte Heroique du Ciel
03Gymnopedie No. 1-3
04Veritables Preludes Flasques (pour un chien)
05Croquis et aqaceries dún gros bonhomme en bois
06Heures Seculaires et Instantanees
07Cinq Portraits d´un Oiseau Rare

Classico classcd 109 & Olufsen Records DOC/DOCD/DOMC 5017

Jan Kaspersen, solopiano

rec. august 1986 in Cph.

All compositions by Erik Satie except Cinq Portraits d´un Oiseau Rare by J. Kaspersen copyright Xander Music/KODA.

Jan Kaspersen I Teatret

Ten By Two

01“Amerigo” by Carl van Webber.
Jan Kaspersen,piccolofl.,flute,melodica,cello,bass drum,perc.& bottles
Knud Erik Nørregaard,trumpet & kettledrum
rec.april 1983 in Aarhus
02“Berninis Børn” by Sten Kaalø.
Jan Kaspersen,DX7,Fender Rhodos,melodica & vocals
Ole Rømer,programming Roland Rhythm Composer TR 707 & tTR 727
rec.marts 1986 in Aarhus.
03“Det er en skam hun er en mær” by John Ford.
Jan Kaspersen,piano,organ,harmonium & perc.
Torben Mikkelsen,violin
Michael Gottschalck,cello
Knud Erik Nørregaard,trumpet & perc.
rec.marts 1984 in Aarhus
04“Trommer i natten” by Bertolt Brecht.
Jan Kaspersen,bambuflutes,ballaphone,talking drum,congas,darbuka & perc.
rec.marts 1985 in Aarhus.

Olufsen records DOC 5040.

Stage music for 4 plays at Aarhus Theater,all directed by K.Hoffmeyer.

All J.Kaspersen copyright Xander Music/KODA.

Puzzle In Four

Jan Kaspersen Quintet: “Puzzle In Four”

01Trinity Blues9:06
02Flip Fool3:47
03Puzzle in Four6:51
04Sufipoint of View9:41
05Love Eyes5:38
06Springtime for Drums
07Twisted Blue Vibrations5:13
08Sufi Soul7:54

Olufsen Records DOCD 5532

Recorded live in “Montmartre”, Cph. Sep. 22 1985 by Niels Christensen
Bjarne Roupé, guitar -Simon Cato Spang-Hanssen, soprano- & tenorsaxophone – Jan Kaspersen, piano – Peter Danstrup, electric bass – Ole Rømer, drums

All compositions by Jan Kaspersen, Xander Music except “Springtime for Drums” written by Simon Cato Spang-Hanssen.

Bizarre Ballet

Bizarre Ballet

01Forhistorisk Astronaut Blues (Ancient Astronaut Blues)3:36
02Bizarre Ballet6:06
04Civil Rights5:45
05Chinese Punk6:46
06Power Play5:31
07Damocles Tune5:23
08En Rose (A Rose)3:10

Storyville SLP-1023.

Jan Kaspersen,piano & piccoloflute
Simon Spang-Hanssen,sopran- & tenorsaxophone
Bjarne Roupe,guitar
Klavs Hovman,acc. & electric bass
Ole Theill,drums and perc.

rec.22-23/1 1983 in Cp

All J.Kaspersen copyright Xander Music/KODA except Civil Rights by
S.Spang-Hanssen.Storyville Records,Dorteavej 39,2400 Kbh.NV.Copenhagen,
Denmark. Phone: +45 38 19 85 90 & fax: +45 38 19 01 10

Slow Life

Slow Life

01Nunimbos Sang
02Jeg bærer med smil min byrde
03Til Monk
04Is it true?
05Slow Life
07Helenas Sang
08Sambulas Dag a) meditation b) dans
09Blue Spring
10Rapsodisk Raptus

Jan Kaspersen solopiano rec.16-17-18/6 1980 in Cph.

All J.Kaspersen copyright Xander Music/KODA

except Jeg bærer med smil min byrde by Carl Nielsen arr. by Kaspersen
out of sale,maybe you can find it in a second hand record shop.