Jazz Lead Sheets ( * = recorded ) :


(The) A-blues

A-flat Root Blues *

Across the Trail

Action Attraction

Aha-that´s it *

Ancient Astronaut Blues ( aka FAB – Fortids Astronaut Blues) *

And now: the bass *

Another you walked in *

As you like it


Back again *

Ballroom Influenza

Bass Blues

Bean Sprout Dance *

Beauty with Sad Eyes *

Be Bop Inspiration

Beet Root Serenade *

Beginners Blues *

Big Skull *

Bike Repair Blues

Bird goes Cukoo *

Birthday Telegram *

Bizarre Ballet *

Black Dots

Black Minor

Blue Fantasy (Den blå fantasi)

Blue Spring (Blåt forår) *

Blues for Dollar Brand *

Blues Out

Blues on Sunday

(A) Blue Memory *

Boat Fare

Bodyshocking *

Bon Voyage

Brain Circus *

Bright Spot



Camouflage *

CBT-blues (Blues for Christian) *

Childrens Toy

Cheker´s Tune *

City Jungle

Chopped in the Can *


Cross Game *

Crossroads in blue light *



Damocles Tune *

Dance of the Decoy *

Dark Circle

Dark Horse *


Dr. Hypno


Do the Hop


Down, Up and Around *

Ducks and Flowers *


Easy Afternoon

Easy Talk *

Etoile Noir *

Elephat Joy Dance *

(The) evil man and his sad wife


Falling Stars – Faded Flowers *

Family Party

Fan Pass

Final Cut

Five Point Star *

Flat Blues

Flip Fool *

Flowers from Duke´s Garden *

Fredspipe *


For Friends and Foes

Frogwise *


Gambia Suite 1-4

Gentle Cry

Get up and go

Good Goat

Gospel Gossip

Guess Who? *


Ha-Ha-Happy *

Happy Hour

Happy as a Flower *

Happy or Blue?

Half Past Now *

Harmolodic Space

Heavy Smoke *

Helenas Sang

(En) hemmlighed (aka A Secret)

Hippy Happy

Hit me again

Hithat *

Hold and help me

Hot Noodles


Højholt Rag (Tea no chaser rag)


I´ll buy you Gold and Silver *

I mean Monk *

In a sofa

Is it true? *

It´s you and the River

In the Kitchen *


Jan´s Afro

Job Joke *


Joyfull Journey

Just like you

Just twins



Keep up – and joint the party

(A) kiss and a Flower



Lost Child

Lost in a Dream

Let´s try

Line for Lee *

Little Flower *

Love Eyes *

Love Police *


Make up your intro


Marco´s Club

Maby someday, maybe somewhere

Meditation in Blue

Medium Rare

(The) Mellow Preacher

Memo to the Moon *

Memories of Mingus (Remember Charles Mingus) *

(The) Messenger

Minor Mood

MMM(Moody Manta Monk)

Miss you too (Blomsten)


Monday Morning *

Monk and Bud in Zoo

Mysterious Mr. M

Music at Midnight

Music Tribe Call *


Naja´s Dream *

Native Jazz *

Nice, clean, shaved and sober *

Night Reflections *

(The) Nightwatchman

No blues but blues *

No mercy

No Title

Not Much



One for Hasse

Open Your Door

Odd and Even

Once or Twice

One more

172 a 1850 FC

One-way Ticket, Goodbye *

Out of Sight *


Paris Up Front

Pentaton Punk

Pink into Blue

Playground I b-minor

Pointed Statement

Power Play *



Puzzle in Four *

Rag for Jelly Roll *

Red Monk *

(The) Return of Grandma

Revelations of you *

Rolling Riff

(A) Rose

Root Shuflle


Sans Souci

Scrubmask *

See you soon

Seven Note Blues

Shut my Mouth wide open

Short Hand Message

Silent Days in Opal Blue *

Silver Riff

Silky Serenade *

Sidewalk Blues (Blues for Dan)

Sixteen Bars

Sisyfos Encore

(The) Sky is grey

Slowlife *

Snail Trail *

Snappy *

(The) Sophisticated Sufi

Soft Hands

Song for Silence

Song of the fat Crocodile

Space and Rhythm (aka Rum og Rytme) *

Sphinxen taler ( The Sphinx Speaks) *

Special Occasion *

Straight Action

Study in Green *

Sufi Call

Sufipoint of View *

Sufi Soul *



Train Trail *

(Tales of a) Screwdriver *

Tap Toe

Taxi to the Airport (aka Theme from Amar) *

Tempo Kam Tong

Things we can be

Think of Peace

Time to play


Tomato Frog Blues

Toto *

Toytime *

Tranquillity *

Trinity Blues *

Twisted Blue Vibrations

Tænk ikke over det (Don´t think about it)


Uncle D *

Untitled Ballad *

Upper Jaw Jive *



Very Slow

Warm up

We insist!

What about Eddie?

What´s up?

White and Blue


Yep *





 “Kvinderne fra Troja” af Euripides.Teatret ved Sorte Hest, 1978.

Instr. af Klaus Hoffmeyer


“Amleth” af Oehlenschlæger. Århus Teater, 1979

Instr. af Klaus Hoffmeyer


“Som man behager” (“As you like it”) af Shakespeare. Ålborg Teater, 1980

Instr. af Klaus Hoffmeyer


“Alice” af Kolereus/Lindvad m.fl.. Teatret ved Sorte Hest, 1981

Instr. af Birgitte Kolereus


“Når enden er god…” (“All´s well that ends well”) af Shakespeare, Århus Teater 1982

Instr. af Klaus Hoffmeyer


“Machbeth” af Shakespeare. Det Danske Teater, 1982

Instr. af Klaus Hoffmeyer


“Amerigo” af Carl Van Webber, Århus Teater, 1983

Instr. af Klaus Hoffmeyer


“Det er en skam hun er en mær” (“It´s a pity she´s a whore”) Århus Teater, 1984

Instr. af Klaus Hoffmeyer


“Trommer i natten” (“Trommeln in der Nacht”) af Bertold Brecht. Århus Teater, 1985

Instr. af Klaus Hoffmeyer


“Marie Grubbe” af Ulla Ryum. Folketetret, 1985

Instr. af Klaus Hoffmeyer


“Berninis Børn” af Steen Kaalø, Århus Teater, 1986

Instr. af Klaus Hoffmeyer


“Et krigsspil” (“The War Plays”) – en trilogi af Edward Bond. Århus Teater 1986

Instr. af Klaus Hoffmeyer


“Kram” af Carl Van Webber. TV-teatret, 1987


“Byen, affaldet og døden” (“Der Müll, die Stadt und der Todt”) af  Fassbinder.Husets Teater, 1987

Instr. af Klaus Hoffmeye”


“Jeres Majestæt” af Sven Holm. Det Kongelige Teater, 1988

Instr. af Klaus Hoffmeyer


“Rejse mod verdens ende” (“Totenfloss”) af Harald Müller. Aveny Teatret 1988

Instr. af Klaus Hoffmeyer


“Lyset over Skagen” af Jens Smærup Sørensen, Århus Teater, 1989

Instr. af Hans Rosenquist


“Land i våde” af Ebbe Kløvedal Reich. Grønnegårdsteatret, 1989

Instr. af Bjarne Sloth Thorup


“Vildanden” af Henrik Ibsen. Århus Teater, 1990

Instr. af Stefan Baldurson


“Margrete d. 1.” Af Dorrit Willumsen. Grønnegårdsteatret, 1991

Instr. af Jan Maagaard


“Efter orgiet” af Suzanne Brøgger. Det Kongelige Teater, 1993

Instr. af Klaus Hoffmeyer


“Vildanden” af Henrik Ibsen. Islands National Teater, 1997

Instr. af Stefan Baldurson


“Kærlighedens Kværulanter” (” Love´s Labour´s Lost”) af Shakespeare. Det Kongelige Teater ,1999

Instr. af Klaus Hoffmeyer




“Columbus” af Dario Fo. Arrangement af F. da Capis originalmusik, Århus Teater, 1985

Instr. af Hans Rosenquist


“The Two Dogs” af Steen Kaalø. 4 sange. Aveny Teatret, 1988

Instr. af Klaus Hoffmeyer


“Laser og Pjalter” af B. Brecht. Supplerende musik til originalmusikken. Århus Teater, 1989

Instr. af Klaus Hoffmeyer



Film musik:


“Den Blå Munk” . Zentropa Film, 1998

Manus og instruktion: Chr. Braad Thomsen


“På  Ama´r”. Magic Hour Films, 2001

Manus: Henrik Nordbrandt. Instruktion: Klaus Kjeldsen


” Svend Åge Madsen – At fortælle menneskene” Kollektiv Film 2002

Manus og instruktion: Chr. Braad Thomsen